Broadband Service in Punjab outshines 4G Smashingly

Internet is a revolution that ushered in the age of change. It brought a kind of freedom that had not been experienced before. So what is Broadband Connection in layman language? Broadband means having a permanent, reliable and a good quality internet connection at all times. And to enjoy an unperturbed experience, a strong broadband connection is a must.

But as it happens to every discovery, with internet’s evolution too, began the experiment and also the race to provide better and faster services. The race began with narrow-band phone lines services to broadband, to wireless, to FTTH and then 2G, 3G and now 4G.

And the latest debate is over the quality of two specific services.
Is 4G better or the broadband is still the king?

4G vs Broadband - Connect Broadband

What is 4G? 4G a successor of 3G is the fourth generation mobile technology; it is internet on mobile on substantial speed. 4G compared to ADSL internet can at times give a better speed. It undeniably is the new technological giant, as it is inexpensive, unlimited and ubiquitous. However, it has it constraints that can be measured in points given below:

Price: Home Broadband prices are often cheaper than the cheapest mobile internet packages, bundled with TV and call options aligned together to make broadband a more economical service. A mobile internet package can only solve one purpose that is net browsing, a coveted experience, however broadband comes with a stronger network, perked with other relevant services.

Download leverage: Broadband comes with plans that offer unlimited downloading, even the most stringent home plans are much higher than mobile plans. For example 4G could be available on a power packed package but still won’t be sufficient for online gaming which require heavy loading. Home broadband considering its well scattered web of network is potent and sufficient to cater to multiple device internet requisites.

Speed and Reliability: although speed is variable but it get extremely pesky on mobile connections considering you can take your mobile to remote areas where you might not get as good a reception as you’d hope, however with your home broadband you won’t have such expectation thus no disappointments either. A fixed line is more reliable as once you have it, you have it which is not as certain in case of 4G, as the speed varies and so does the connection which might not be as potent in one place but very strong in another.

It is quite fascinating that fixed broadband connections despite all the competition and hype around 4G has not lost its footing however a radical discovery, fails to live up to the hype especially when it comes to video calling or online gaming. You are likely to get a less expensive deal with better speed and added options with your fixed lines such as watching TV or making free phone calls.


Benefits of High Speed Internet Connection

In this computerized world, there are lots of things that you get out of having a high speed internet. To grab high speed internet connection and telephone services, Connect is one of the best choices. Fortunately high speed internet access is available for meager price. With high speed internet you can enjoy amateur videos in YouTube, play online games and also communicate with people all over the world.

Apart from these there are many benefits of using this high speed internet connection. But do you know why most populaces are using Connect? Let us see that,

Flexibility: Connect is highly flexible to offer several services along with local channels which help you to be entertained and relaxed. You can also subscribe to special movie or music channel using this package.

Save money: Choosing Connect services for your home is the only way to save money. You need not pay more money for the services offered by Connect.

Security: There are also services to provide internet facilities and software to protect your identity. Obtain a variety of protective software to keep your computer away from viruses and computer related issues.

Business Growth: With this high speed internet facility, you can contact your business partners. In this computerized world, there are lots of things that you get out of having a High Speed internet.

Speed: This is an advanced technology which offers high speed, unlimited broadband internet plans. With its amazing services you can experience outstanding internet services. You can enjoy your life by watching wonderful videos and digital music without any interruption. You can get high speed internet services at very low cost.

Connect provides many deals with this amazing service package that can save your money. The great ways to start your search is through online and find the best provider. You can also subscribe online for your internet service.

Just enjoy watching your entertaining programs with the advanced services offered by Connect. If so, it is sure that you can live a fantasy and happy life.