How to Check Connect Broadband Usage?

Hi Everyone,

I am here to help you out for checking broadband data usage. I have seen a number of people are trying to search their broadband usage that means how much internet data they have consumed for x number of days. The value of x can differ for every customer. So, I am going to tell you how you can check your internet broadband usage. Let’s start with first step:

Either Click on Connect Broadband Usage Check or Type into address bar.

You will be Redirected to the page mentioned below:

And you will see the Screen like this:

Connect Broadband Usage Check

Now, you need to enter your username and Password.

May be, you are not aware about the username and password that has been provided to you. So, what you can do is, just check out your modem and you will see the details (username & password) written on it.

Now, enter these values into Login Panel. Sometimes unfortunately, your modem will not have any detail about username and passwords and in that case, what you will have to do? First, you can call Connect Customer Care otherwise try at your own end.

Make the combination for username like this:

STD Code + Landline Number + First 3 Letters of Name

STD Code: This is the code of your city and it will be different for every city.

Landline Number: Every user of Connect will be having a landline number that is used for accessing broadband connections and it will be a 7 digit number.

3 Letters of Name: You must have to remember the name of person on whom, the connection is registered. For example, my name is Gourav and I have a broadband connection on my name then I will enter “gou”.

Take an example for full username:

Suppose My STD code is: 172

Landline number is:           5071046

Name is:                                 Gourav

Then, my username will be as like: 1725071046gou

I hope, you understood the funda of username.

Now, come to Password.

If it is available on Modem then it is OK otherwise type the by default password, that is 123456.

After Login to Your Connect Account, you will be able to see a number of options there.

Click on My Usage and the total usage up to particular date will be shown.

So, by this way you can check your broadband usage any day. I hope, this article will reduce your headache of data usage checking and you will be happy to check it. Thanks.